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90 s filipina bold stars list

90 s Pinay bold Star list

Open the email in your inbox. Click on the link in the list. Enter and confirm your new password. These women were worshiped as well as tragically objectified by their fans. A few of them transformed themselves into serious bold others filipina got past the "bold star" label.

These Bomba Stars Of The ‘90s And Early 2000s Are Now Living Much Different Lives

In the hope of shedding her bold star tag, Stella Strada showed off her acting chops in her last film Puri, where she played twins. Her real name was Suzette Girls peeing outside video. Her Amerasian features and flawless body guaranteed her success as a celluloid siren. Life after skin flicks: After her string of bold films, she stars a born-again Christian.

She wanted to be a serious actress.

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But when no movie offers came her way, she reportedly got depressed and was rumored to have resorted to drugs. In December 28,she committed suicide by hanging herself in her San Juan apartment.

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Her alleged confidant, Rene Mas, also committed suicide with her.