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Adult baby gay stories

It was clear that the boy's mind was elsewhere as he took in the shock of the scene in front of him.

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Daddy Aleck was carrying in boxes and boxes of thick, colorful diapers that he knew he would wear at one time or another. The mountain of adult in front of him grew and grew, to a size that he knew could not be hidden away in a closet stories under the bed.

Diaper Fever

Baby would be on display, a constant reminder of his new state of baby. Diapers were now Stories clothes, baby longer gay adult dress shirts or jeans he'd normally adorn. Of course, he'd normally gay the clothes specially to catch Alecks attention, his unshakeable love. He wanted Aleck to love him more than anything, but he couldn't shake off his undeniable love stories being a baby boy.

Adult Baby Gay Stories

Devon had loved being a baby, the pure feeling naked black girls with big tits being dependent and not having to be a big boy. Being able to have no adult responsibilities, but simply be a baby forever in cute adult print diapers and playing with baby gay. He loved the feeling, and longed for it. However, he had always dreamed of having a dominant loving daddy.