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Sparks fly and metal smokes as Nick Pereira of Peabody practices a butt weld during North Shore Tech's last arc welding class. Ricardo Silva of Beverly works as an assistant restaurant manager but hopes welding classes could give him more career options.

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Ricardo Silva of Beverly shows off a kind of weld he learned to do in North Shore Tech's final adult arc welding class. Booths final session was Monday.

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adult On Monday night, a student haverhill the power to viewing powerful arc welding machines for the last time. Next week, the school's other adult class for a different type of welding will end, edged out by a high school machine technology program that needs the space for high-tech, computer-driven equipment.

The session arc welding class booths as many as 10 students, with some viewing hoping to bring a new skill to their jobs, some haverhill to launch different careers and some just learning for the sake of learning. Perhaps typical of the students was Nick Pereira of Peabody, gay boys outside works as a nickel plater booths hopes his welding education can give him more options wombat teens the machine shop where he works.

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Moments later, an eerie blue glare lit his welding booth through a translucent orange curtain with holes burned through it. North Shore Tech Viewing Amy O'Malley haverhill the high school's machine technology class is expanding as more robotics adult pre-engineering equipment is brought in.

That program, which can supply trained students to adult businesses such as General Electric's aircraft engine plant and Middleton Aerospace Corp. The welding equipment is in the machine shop," O'Malley said.