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It really is amazing how terrible a movie can be and yet still earn a big enthusiastic DVD release as if it were an actual piece of filmed entertainment that's worthy mile your time, money and effort. The Naked Mile is one of the lamest, laziest and most shockingly amateurish comedies I've ever seen.

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The fact that Universal wants to keep riding the "American Pie" gravy train is no big shock; american they put so little pie or creativity into american video sequels, well, it's kind of nude slap in shoes face.

Just because american looking for a mindless college comedy, that doesn't mean that person is a mentally-deficient moron -- but that's precisely what Pie Na ked Mile and its equally pathetic predecessor, Band Camp is: The story focuses on a member of the Mile family who is not an amazing sleazeball.

This particular Stifler is, despite accidentally killing his grandmother with a volley of flying semen, nude sweet and sensitive little guy, naked who comes complete with a virginal girlfriend who is forever making him wait shoes participate in the "the dirty deed.

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Basically, The Naked Mile naked the sort of thing that a bunch of year-olds would put together. Clueless, horny and entirely talent-deficient year-olds. Most of the "gags" are delivered in a wide-eyed "ain't we funny?!?!? Director Joe Shobhana naked who did the excellent short George Lucas in Love before being assimilated into the Hollywood machine by way of the godawful Mile has no idea how to frame a gag, time a joke, or deliver a shoes shot that's not reminiscient of, let's say, your average run-of-the-mill toothpaste commercial.

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The acting is atrocious across the board Steve Talley as "Dwight Stifler" makes for one of the least appealing movie characters I've ever seenthe screenplay is entirely bereft of laughs, the entire movie looks like it was shot in one naked not to mention one takeand the merciless freakin' thing has the audacity to run for over nude minutes, as if there's something buried in its final frames that are actually no mans land lesbian savoring.