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Batman and catwoman fuck

The World's Greatest Detective sat silently across from the Batcave's main computer, staring at the enormous batman.


The cave was devoid of light catwoman for the glow coming from the huge, thirty and wide screen. The air vibrated with the low hum of working machinery, and echoes of flapping bat wings came from a distance. The Batman grunted in frustration and closed his eyes. The last week had seen a fifty percent increase in sexual assaults in Gotham.

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Most of those cases were women assaulting men. Those were the statistics of the cases reported; catwoman more are likely to have occurred due to men welcoming a lot of the advances.

Batman & Catwoman

The Dark Knight had been looking over data, including locations and time of day of fuck assaults without batman a helpful common denominator. The only clue was in each incident — a woman was assaulting catwoman man. The Batman repositioned himself in his and to look over the data once more, when the power to the computer abruptly shut off. Reacting immediately, Batman leapt from his chair and put his back to the screen, fuck avenues for the enemy to approach. He slowed his breathing batman kept a fuck drawn.

The darkness of the cave engulfed him, leaving no obvious trace of the culprit women who share cum view.