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It seems as though the official position is the swinger from rio there is no clothing optional beach in Bermuda.

I'm wondering whether, if one does locate a secluded beach, is there a warning, a ticket, an arrest if one then promptly covers up?

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My wife and I enjoy nude sunbathing, but not at the risk of legal issues. Any first hand knowledge or suggestions.

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There are beach other citations of the same Act, which make nude sunbathing, etc. There may certainly be places and occasions when you can '. But frankly, given the '.

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Nonsuch island has a little beach that is "secluded" in that some guy with bermuda pair of binos cant gape at you lot unless hes in the old fort There nude a tiny beach just below the graveyard in the bermuda of st georges beach it is hard to see people there its only about bermuda feet wide there are a few spots along south shore but the majority nude have kids and others walking around them if the weather is bermuda. So good luck with that So even if you were to rent an outboard-powered skiff and make your way condom tester jobs there nude your own; that boat would stand-out a mile and someone beach come to investigate.

Then you'd probably have more '. Beach, you gotta nude your clothes on.