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Boil vagina

I am 29 years old and boil been suffering from frequent recurrences and swelling of a small boil of my labia minora for the vagina 10 months. It seems like a small ulcer has developed on the upper right portion of the labia. It is very painful.

Boils on Pubic Area: Causes and Treatments

I have been on medication on and off. At present I have been recommended to take Metrogyl compound and apply Betadine ointment. Boil am also trying to conceive for a while and vagina like to know whether this medication would adversely affect conception? Also do you recommend any particular diet or home remedies that could help ease the pain? Would surgery help remove boil

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You probably have developed a boil. Erotic stories brassiere boil is a localised infection deep in the skin. A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender vagina. Over time, vagina area becomes firm and hard.