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Clearaudio virtuoso v2 ebony cartridge


It appeared at a moment when I was still mourning the collapse of my final Shure V15 VxMR moving magnet and the cartridge that its production run was over. These three models are outfitted with aluminum cantilevers and elliptical styli.

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Nothing so prosaic clearaudio the Maestro V2 Ebony, however. Clearaudio has served virtuoso something special for its top-tier moving magnet. Mounted to a solid boron cantilever, the Micro HD is ultra-low-mass, while the overall assembly is identical to ebony one used on all of the upper-crust Clearaudio moving-coil cartridges, including the Goldfinger Statement.

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All of this is courtesy of the improved and more powerful generator, as well as ebony tighter-tolerance magnets. The Maestro V2 utilizes a clearaudio i. Like the Wood before it, the Maestro Ebony's wood body fully encloses the motor assembly, but the cantilever assembly is forward of the cartridge body and precariously exposed.

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The Sota Cosmos vacuum turntable went back to the factory for a much-needed tune-up and upgrade to series IV status. The totality of cartridge changes has made significant differences in overall neutrality and resolution.

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Even so, the Virtuoso has also made considerable strides over its forbear particularly in the area of responsiveness. Like its predecessor it retains a fluidity of character that makes it sound as if the grooves of every record were pre-oiled. Throughout my listening sessions the Maestro tracked very cleanly. Tonally it travels straight down the rich and wide middle of the sonic spectrum.