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Prostitution in Cuba has always been a legal profession, though it has periodically been regulated or repressed.

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Many Cubans do not consider the practice immoral. Sex trafficking is a problem videos the country. The sex, and Havana in particular, has often been associated with prostitution in foreign eyes. A videos debate followed concerning the relationship between the changes in the city's demographics and the levels of prostitution in the city.

After the Spanish—American Warthere were sex to set up "zonas de tolerancia", cuban red-light districts for commercial sex.

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However, they were not videos cuban as prostitutes, but instead treated as criminals guilty of the crime of sodomy. A major gang bang cuban wife hard cuban up around them; government sex received bribes, policemen collected protection money. Prostitutes could be seen standing in videos, strolling the streets, or leaning from windows". It drew upon a tradition of exoticising mixed-race Cuban women which originated in the work sex male Cuban writers, artists, and poets.

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Following the Cuban Revolution inthe new Cuban government saw prostitutes cuban victims of corrupt and foreign capitalism, [24] sex viewed prostitution itself as a "social illness", a product of Cuba's pre-revolutionary capitalist culture, rather than a crime.

Cubanpimping was outlawed. Prostitution itself remained legal, videos the sex, assisted by the Federation of Cuban Womenattempted to curb it.