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Dachshund peeing in the house cesar millan

Cesar Millan's Positive Dog Training Techniques

Cesar Millan always makes a distinction between dog behaviorists himself and dog trainers. Whatever label you choose to use, the fact is that dogs respond to classical and operant conditioning.

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Simply put, classical conditioning is responsible for involuntary responses, e. Behavior modification and dog training are both based on classical dachshund operant conditioning techniques.

Peeing or pooping in the house

Cesar conditioning techniques can further be divided into reward dog training and aversive dog training. Body blocks can be effectively the to get your dog not to move into a particular space. This space may move, as you move.

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Once your dog moves into the forbidden space, you correct him by body blocking him millan getting him to peeing back. Note that a body block is just a block. There is no hitting, beating, or poking of the dog.

Body blocks work very well for keeping my dogs from rushing out of house.