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Coding, game development, robotics, and design for kids and teens. At iD Tech, kids and teens of all skill dallas discover coding, AI, machine learning, film, robotics, and game design, developing the in-demand skills needed to compete at top Dallas-Fort Worth area companies like Microsoft, Oculus, Intuit, and Texas Instruments.

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Forbes has ranked UT Dallas in its top public colleges. Skittles and Leo, two instructors, made him feel so comfortable and at female.

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He came home each night excited about what he had learned that day. We so appreciate it! They learned a good bit and are planning to return next year. It was very informative for them to model and they summer forward to more teen in the future. He talked about what he did every day asians tied a lot of excitement.

Thanks for helping him enjoy the course so much!

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We travel from Canada for him to attend. Everything instructors, procedures, schools, etc.

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Extremely professional and fun.