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Dark erotic hanging beheading art

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Brussels gory street art outrages locals

It's strange that many people don't consider television shows, films, and video games to be "art" because of their violent and provocative content. But, have you ever looked at some of the most art classical paintings? Some of the most famous paintings of the old world are downright vulgar. Nudity and disturbing images of violence such as deities eating babies whole, women having sex with animals, and even beheadings plaster the walls of art museums everywhere.

Execution of women by the Nazis

Not only that, but these paintings are nearly priceless. People view them sipping on wine and possibly even adjusting their monocles.

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When beheading really consider the subject matter here, it seems insane. This is why I don't trust horses. I don't care what they usually erotic, I don't play around with animals that could easily digest me.