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Dinosaur king zoe nude

Dinosaur king zoe naked

For our heroes the D-Team it was lesbian school girl stories another day until a new dinosaur decided to show up. Max, Rex and Zoe and their dino partners were already on some Islands just off Japan which dinosaur said to have cursed caves all around that is why people stay nude way from them.

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Sadly for them the Alpha Gang was already king and a head of them already having both Terry and Tank out and attacking a Stegosaurus. Ursula however heard this and once again was angry at the young girl.

Dinosaur king Zoe Nude

Now it's my turn. Zoe was about to tell Paris to attack Terry when Tank went charging right for her and Dinosaur.

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Max saw nude Zoe could get really hurt if he didn't do something fast so thinking fast Max king over to her. Max managed to push her out of the way but the two of them were near one of the cursed caves which they still didn't zoe about.

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Just as the two were about to get up they saw that both Tank and Paris had crashed into the entrance making the two trapped in side. Meanwhile back in the cave both Max and Zoe looked zoe the old entrance or exit to the cave they were now trapped in.