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Dr vintage wiring kit

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Put some warmth and classic tone in your guitar! More body, fuller tone and letting the subtleties of your pickups come through; that is what to expect with the BCS Wiring.

RS Guitarworks Wiring Kits

Another benefit is the loss of treble when rolling back the volume is reduced considerably and a vintage mod, or treble bleed mod, would only improve this slightly. We use only high grade components in our kits to bring out optimum performance. Click here for our selection of U.

Audio or Linear taper for your volume controls? That depends on you.

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The Audio taper falls off rather quickly as you volume down with a clean tone i. When using distortion or overdrive with a Linear taper there is no real discernible volume drop as you turn it down until you hit about 3 and the amount of drive pushing the kit does not change very much which results with a small amount of change to your distortion.

Oil filled capacitors have a much smoother, more natural sound than the standard ceramic capacitors.