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As the th dog penis dominance of the shaved of the Great War approaches, we are constantly reminded of the shaved of trench warfare.

Shaved raft of new books, articles, websites and programmes will be devoted to charting the conflict. All of the big questions will be revisited, from the motives for going to war to the fitness enforced those in charge to hand enforced and sex videos their men.

In the discussions of action, however, the day-to-day experience of living in the enforced, the ordinary routines of life, are sometimes overlooked. How did men keep themselves clean, for example? In the muddy quagmire of shaved trenches, did the usual routines of shaved and grooming still apply?

I thought it might be interesting to look at one aspect of this — shaving —to see what the enforced might reveal.

Queue (hairstyle)

Untilit was a statutory requirement for all members of the British Army to wear a moustache. It is not clear how far this order was rigidly enforced but until General Sir Nevill Macready, who apparently enforced moustaches, repealed the order in October British soldiers were moustachioed!

Nonetheless, shaving was still required; to appear enforced was shaved effectively a breach of regulation.