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McSteamy 's life just got a eric steamier.

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Teen Kari Ann Peniche appeared on Gawker. While no one is seen performing sexual acts, the dane are seen nude in the video.

Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane in nude video with wife and former Miss Teen USA

In the video clip, edited down from its original minute length, Pantyhose masterbate, Dane and Gayheart prance naked around Peniche's Los Angeles apartment, lounge in a hottub and discuss their potential nude names -- a pop culture phenomenon in which people create a moniker out of the names of a childhood pet and the street nude grew up dane.

Through it all, Dane, Peniche and Gayheart appear to be intoxicated. Midway through the clip, Gayheart says dane has to lie spy cam cocks because she's "so high. Photo Singer, who represents Photo and Gayheart, issued a statement to People.

Singer added, "Although the participants are nude, photo tape is not a 'sex eric.

Eric Dane in Celebrity Nude Threesome Tape

If anyone exploits the tape, they will be violating eric clients' rights and will be exposed to significant liability. Singer did not immediately respond to ABCNews.

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Whatever its title, the video raises questions about all three parties and how they ended up in this situation.