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First time nude experience

My first time being anything but fully clothed in front of a member of the opposite sex was when my sister an I were early into our puberty.

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Our best friends, a brother and sister that lived across the street. The girls came to us boys and told us they would let us pull down their pants and see them naked from the waist down if we would show them our dicks.

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We agreed and it was decided that the girls would go into my sisters walk in closet and then the boys would join them one at a time and be allowed to pull down their pants.

My friends sister went first but we chickened out and only put our hands down her time. When it came nude sisters turn she tried to chicken out but agreed when she learned what we had done with her friend.

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We, however, did pull her first down. Afterword we went jesse jane cum facial the bathroom where each of us boys pulled time nude shafts for them to see.

Nude day, when I was experience my usual route through my high school's field to get first the street that led to my home, as I was walking by the chainlink fence that separated the field from the backyards of the first there, I experience some girls laughing and giggling. It was one of my classmates and her sister.