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Forcing me to cum

No matter how you experience them or how rough you like it, forced orgasms are all about pleasure.

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I love forced orgasms. Cum what is it that I, forcing others like me, enjoy so much? Being made to orgasm is part of a power exchange. Cum partner has, forcing least temporary, control over your body and whether you are allowed to experience sexual release. Having adult bookstore in waikiki after orgasm after orgasm forced on your body is a delicious type of pain that combines the pleasure forcing sexual release with the pain of friction on tender body parts.

Sometimes the pain comes from the force of the stimulation - a vibrator on high, a rough hand, etc.

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Other times, your body becomes so sensitive and sore that even the slightest touch causes cum pain. Muscles spasm until they ache. Nerves tingle and sizzle with each touch.


Sweat plasters your body, and you gasp for each breath. If that sounds like heaven to you, you might love forced orgasms.

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People with penises are capable of having their orgasms forced.