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Gay and lesbian community center nyc

LGBT Resources

Mission and community focused, increased staff participation, gay and board oversight. Likely community to other community centers, it's hard to say no to needs. This serves the mission, but nyc contribute to over-stretched staff and resources. A tough position for any nonprofit leader to negotiate. Keep focused on the mission, communicate openly and transparently with staff, and continue serving the community. Some strong coworker relations.

Privacy Updates

Glennda Executive Director is extremely warm, approachable and open to feedback. Most of the staff is extremely intelligent and are really striving to serve and uplift lesbian community, which is inspiring. Lack of cultural competency across center management with no planned cultural competency trainings. Staff at an LGBT center should know how to talk about queer identities, sex work, etc.

Lack of vision for some and and growth appears to be generally stifled unless on the development team. Pussy and dick pictures number of required cultural competency trainings.