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India has been bruised lately by bitter, divisive public discourse, disturbing headlines about lynchings tes Muslim cattle tradersand controversial arrests of dissenters gay left-leaning writers and activists. We badly needed some good news. This week, a historic Supreme Court judgment reaffirmed Tes as a liberal democracy.

EU court: Asylum seekers must not be forced to take 'gay tests'

Justice Indu Malhotra, one of the few women on the bench, called for a national apology to the LGBT tes for decades of stigma. As the law was given a raucous burial, it was billed gay activists as the second independence from the British colonialists. India is legally a parliamentary democracy but, at its heart, it is now essentially a judicial democracy.

Inthere were million eligible votersmaking it the largest poll exercise in history.

The Kinsey Scale Sexuality Test - ROMEO

Our elected democratic representatives have looked away, or worse, have outsourced all the political risk to tes judiciary. All that was needed was legislation to strike down an archaic law that criminalized millions of LGBTQ Gay citizens.

The Gay tes could have basked in the reflected glory of this moment by at least supporting the petition in the Supreme Court.