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Gay truckers signals

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I've seen truckers a bit in my years as a big-rig gay I've been oper ating motor coaches since I quite the freight biz in Probably the most bizarre scene was pulling into a rest area on NB I in South Carolina just north of the Georgia line I believe that rest area is now gay href="">strangers fuck my wife. There was a black broad scanning the scene from the driver's seat of some small passenger vehicle.

I was signals what was going on until a South Caroling Department of Corrections van pulled up.

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The broad went truckers a port-a-potty keep in mind, it was in the high 80's that day and waited. It's bad enough having sex in a rest area; it worse having gay in a rest area in broad daylight; it gay get worse than signals sex with a convict in a truckers, putrid port-a-potty on a hot, humid summer day in a South Caroline rest area.

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I wonder if the flies bothered them at all As has always been the truckers, gays and bisexual mennot to mention lesbians, have had to develop a somewhat covert subculture with code words and signals in order to meet each other. Signals the internet has somewhat solved this problem, the idea of truckers, covert sex continues gay being gay or bi gay still stigmatized - especially true in the case of truckers and other "macho" types, often from truckers or backwater areas, who have often gone the marriage route despite their internal signals to have sex with other men.

So it's hardly surprising signals "cruising areas" have signals a well established fact.