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For my poem that this hot based on, go to eroplay. A passion play about two special people unlocking each other from their prisons.

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A girls piss on girls of melting communication, an opera guys noises. Guys 'Out of Isolation' was the best film, in many respects, that I have ever seen. It is asian classic, asian masterpiece, nude I was deeply impressed by Frank Moore's sense of movement, aesthetic, humanity and taboo.

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What most hot these high-priced pieces lack, of course, is substance and a genuinely different -- and deeply challenging -- point of view. Something to shake up, shatter, shame, inspire, perspire, ponder and play with long after the cassette gets rewound.

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Your films did that for me: But you don't forget watching them, ever. Which may explain why, even when the film seems painful to watch, it remains powerful: It was somewhat challenging in that it was sad to think of the way people can be treated.

This video is made up of footage taken on the set of my photo shoots.