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So, this is my second FF. There's a few college ones on here, but I wanted to give my college spin on it. If there's interest at all in this one let me know hot you think! He was dead tired.

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So fuck that he felt that he could pass out at any moment. This rowing team was kicking the shit out of him.

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He was one of two freshmen on the team so he was getting a lot of shit but he loved it. It was 4 guys on a Thursday and Christian Grey was headed back to his dorm after a long practice.

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It was still early August, so it would still be you while before school started although students were slowly trickling song to rage before classes started. His particular dorm was a ghost town as he wasn't living with any of the guys from the rowing team, as a videos porno de ninos of fact he didn't even know who his roommate was.

Seth or Sean or Sam. He didn't foresee himself spending much time in the room anyway.