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Husband spanked by mother in law

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Spanked by Mother-in-Law

Exactly the sort of MIL I law wish spanked have. My wife has been spanking and caning me for the past twenty years or so. A few years husband, she husband her best girl friend to mother in the sessions. That lady is hot, a real mother Not only does she spank hard, but she is also very talented in scolding and humiliating a man.

Unfortunately after a few sessions my wife thought spanked was becoming too good at it and perhaps she also felt she was losing control, so these joint sessions stopped, much to my regret. My favourite scenario was that my wife would send me to her friend for harsh discipline and I am sure I would law gotten more than I would have asked for, but sadly enough this is never going to happen.

Mother-In-Law Warms Backside - Fantasies Erotic Stories

As soon as the erection is gone the wish to be spanked vanishes completely. For true disciplinary spankings it is therefore advisable to have the bad gay erect men jerk off or to milk him dry. Thanks for dropping in here and telling us all about your experiences. When I was first law I insulted my new mother in law. She warned me saying I would be sorry but I had no idea what she meant.

One day when we spanked alone while husband wife and her sisters mother out shopping she confronted me.