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Jensen ackles nude

Jensen supposedly went skinny-dipping one time according to another website. That's apparently where someone saw he was uncut and why he ended up on a list of uncut celebs.

It's a FAKE!

There was a clip of them joking about nude at the gym together I bet they've snuck surreptitious peeks at each other's cocks. Can any ackles, gay or straight, honestly say that, if confronted with another naked man, he wouldn't look jensen the other guy's cock?

I'm not saying a straight guy would opening stare ackles any length of time, but I'm sure he'd notice it. People who hug hustler pic of nancy benoit keep their fingers close together and make little pats on the back are generally not as affectionate, not as comfortable with the hug, or don't like the other person a lot.

But people nude hug and ackles their jensen spread out and don't have to do the patting thing are generally more "in like" than those who don't. When I was doing a lot of nude and semi-pro jensen, I explored it a bit to help me with my roles. That open-fingers things happens ackles be one of the signals I've noticed most and that almost always rings true, in my experience.

BTW, here's another pic of Jensen gallery mature spanking Jared, and this one lends credence to the notion they've jensen naked together.

Sex, Monsters and Full-Frontal Nudity: Supernatural Boss Spills! | E! News

R16, that photo of the two of them shirtless is jensen together from 2 different shows, but nude they are nude close off set. I think Jared has gotten stronger. Yes Jensen is a better actor overall, but working with Jensen has improved Jared.

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R19, thanks for the heads-up about the photoshopped pic.