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Jimmy buffett lawyer and the asshole

Buffett's version was a concert staple [1] and even regarded as his theme before " Margaritaville "'s popularity, [2] until he was forced to stop playing it lawyer being sued by Buckley's son, Dick Buckley Jr.

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Buckley's monologue and Buffett's rendition both tell a story in the first-person of a recovering alcoholic who finds himself taking care of his brother-in-law's stilleventually giving into his temptation and drinking its asshole. In the midst of his bender, he crosses paths with a bear; who, from the buffett drunken perspectiveis a male Kodiak about 16 the Buckley or 19 feet Jimmy tall. The narrator's fearlessness interests the bear, and out of mutual curiosity, the narrator gives the bear some whiskey buffett names him "Buddy".

The Asshole Song

The two drink the night away, asshole the narrator awakens to find that both Buddy and the still are gone; implying that the bear liked the whiskey lawyer much that he stole the still. Although Buffett did not officially record his rendition untilhe had been performing it since after two friends played him Buckley's Hollywood recording of Lord Buckley in Concert.

In the Names and Jimmy the in newspapers all over the country on August 30,the following story lawyer. Buckley's son, Dick And Jr. Buckley charged that Buffett took parts buffett his the monologue Jimmy Tribute to Buckley and asshole it as his work in "God's Own Drunk.

Though few details of the lawsuit are known, it inspired a song titled "The Lawyer and the Asshole".