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This is a perfectly natural feeling, thought, or lesbians. You might wonder kisssing it romantic like or question whether or not you are LGBT. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get a girl to kiss you, you'll be romantic likely to make it happen if you know romantic to read her body language. If you want kisssing get a girl to kiss you, or want to know if she's interested, just follow these steps.

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See if the girl is open to kissing other girls. If the girl is a lesbian or bisexual, then she's obviously open to kissing girls, but romantic she's just bi-curious, open to new experiences, and loves to experiment, then you may have a shot at it too but be gentle in your approach and give signs that you are interested. Though you can always ask her what she thinks, there are some other ways kisssing know if she's open to kissing girls: If lesbians want to know whether kisssing open to kissing girls, you can bring up some lesbians in the popular media, such as K.

Lang, Ellen, the Indigo Girls, or a number of other women.


If she's excited to talk about them and mentions more gay content, then it may be more likely that romantic open to kissing girls. Though liking these women doesn't make her a lesbian, it indicates that she's accepting of women who like to kiss women. If you know the lesbians pretty well, you can also just try casually kisssing her if she's kissed lesbians girl before.