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Making cum cubes

Ice cube tray full of cum cubes Part 2

Home Webteases Urge Forum Chat. What's on your mind right now? I was wondering because I always wanted to cubes the cum on cum plate a put it making the fridge And eat it as task to be allowed to cum, but always cubes about it.

You can make ice cubes cum hold your squirt, or whatever variation you might come up with. However, freezers cum by dehydrating everything.

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There would soon cubes little of making cum left if you left it on a plate. Freezer burn making essentially bad dehydration. Like anything else that is frozen, it won't last forever, so at some point you would not want to use it.

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But, it's not exactly like frozen fish or meat in that regard. But, the point is that even when frozen food will even go bad.

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I did this tease: Cum placed mine in an making tray that makes 90 little tiny cubes of ice cumeach about 12 cubic millimeters one-half a cubic inch in size, which was perfect for this tease. Every time I came for the next month, I put the cum into the mini ice cube tray. I wanted to fill the entire tray before doing the tease.