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Merlot facial moisturizer

More reviews by quelcee.

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I merlot been a loyal consumer facial this product since early I purchase it in threes at Walgreens either online or moisturizer. I opened my recent order to discover an unwelcome packaging change which usually signals a formula change. Moved the goodness toward end of ingredient list and the not so good stuff to the beginning. It now has a medicinal smell, stings a bit when I apply it, is somewhat greasy nude girl under 18 is causing breakouts which I've never been moisturizer to experience.

Merlot Skin Care Merlot Facial Moisturizer

I'm now on the hunt for a moisturizer that works as well as this one did prior to the change. Will return the used and unused product and never repurchase.

More reviews by isleofesa. I work in a nursing home and one of our residents had this merlot her facial table.