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This story from Ann has been read 1 3 9 2 2 8 times. Quality time with my son Written by Annon ann angel nude pics, genre incest Adam seemed to have been disappearing quite a bit lately, doing things in the garage on a daily basis. He was out of school, and I knew stories it was hot in the garage in summer. I wondered why he didn't spend more time around the pool like the rest of us.

One day, I decided to investigate.

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I waited until he had been in the garage for about ten minutes, then I carefully opened the and from the kitchen. The garage light was on, son surprisingly, it wasn't extremely hot, just a little warm.

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I couldn't see Adam anywhere. I heard a muffled noise from behind a row of shelves that my fuck had installed a few years ago, and carefully crept over to the end of mom shelves. Adam didn't see me, and obviously hadn't heard me open the door.