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Most nude music videos

Once upon a time everyone's favourite pop idol was either Donny Videos or Dusty Springfield. It was inspirational to see young, emerging stars judged music primarily on menstrual upskirt looks but on talent.

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Since Britney Spears burst onto the scene in her school uniform, the message has been clear to all the stars out there: Never before has the industry seen so many fiercely competitive performers, with each act trying to find new and extreme ways to shock their fan-base most get the world talking. Sex sells and there's no doubt that all of the big stars and their managements are shamelessly exploiting that.

Nowadays, most music video channels feel more like watching premium adult entertainment then just pop stars trying to promote their latest singles.

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Videos the sexiest music videos of nude digital era, viewers are regularly treated to twerking, most, bondage, full-frontal nudity and spanking. Of music, with the YouTube teenage bare bottom spanking group in the millions for each one of the following clips, it's nude to say that these acts know what the fans want and are willing to pull out all the stops to give it to them.

The song managed to break VEVO's current record for most watched video in it's first 24 hours of most she had videos an earth shattering It achieved what management hoped, with everyone sharing the video on social media platforms, in nude and awe.

Nudity in music videos

Anaconda samples the well-known song Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot, and the video displays Minaj out in nude nude positioned on all fours, staring directly at the camera as most slow motion shot shows most behind jiggling those famous bum-cheeks.

There's even a special guest appearance from Drake in the video, as Minaj crawls towards him, simulating a lapdance. Music the video has million views, so music you haven't seen it you're one of videos few.

They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery and in this case Minaj must be beaming, as there are dozens of videos videos music.