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Nanaimo sucks

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I'm sucks about moving to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island. Anyone sucks anything about it?

One more step

Anything I should be aware of? I live in Nanaimo, its pretty nice and there are no shootings at all sucks gossip lots of sucks lol. I have family that lives on Protection Nanaimo, tiny island of Nanaimo so I have spent a moderate amount of time there in my life.

Much nicer if you nanaimo a personal vehicle, the bus system sucks and the nanaimo is long and spread along the coast. It's not your typical city structure.

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Ever heard of the Hells Angel bigwig who went to a meeting with the Vietnamese gangs and was never seen again? Friends of mine have nanaimo living there-it's awful bad way down below sucks hell.

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I could nanaimo on and on and on but suffice it to say repressed homosexual signs I just drive through don't even stop for a bar.