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Nhs boob reduction

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Posted 20 May at Hi, Nhs 27 and had big boobs ever since I can remember, Reduction wearing a bra size 36G. But it's small on me and I measured myself and if my measurement is correct I should b a 38I.

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Reduction one thing is a 36 band bra is just right so a 38 would be too big and I'm too embarrassed to go get measured by nhs professional. Anyway a year ago I visited my doctor and told her a bout my problem with my boobs being too big for my frame and that it hurts my back, shoulders, leaves marks on shoulders, I'm very depressed and have rashes under boob, and can't exercise boob its so uncomfortable.

Trying to get breast reduction on NHS

Also it effects my social life as I hate people staring and making comments. I asked her if I could have surgery on the Reduction, she said no that it wasn't available on the NHS anymore ans she prescribed me anti depressants and told me to strengthen my back muscle and go counselling.

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I knew counselling wouldn't help me as the problem would still be there. A month later I spoke with her on the phone still in tears like I was a month ago an she was still adamant, so I gave up.

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Now boob year on I'm still very depressed and decided to try again photo homme gay gratuite I rang PALS patient advice and liaison service run by NHS, and they said that I stand nhs good chance nhs its effecting my mental state and she reduction people who have had breast enlargement on NHS.