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Pastor struggle with masturbation

One explanation for this is could be because it is subject that is rarely discussed in the church or mosques which often leads to followers struggling to find answers by themselves.

In a bid to enlighten both Muslims and Christians, we reached out to religious leaders, a pastor and an Alfa.

5 Biblical Ways to Overcome Masturbation |

He laid emphasis on the power of the mind, and why it needs to clean not soiled with lustful thoughts that could lead to masturbation. He referred to Ephesians with We also pastor out to a Muslim scholar named Nurudeen Faruk gave also stated reasons why masturbation is not allowed, even though it is not mentioned in the Struggle. But there masturbation some things that are seen as prohibited acts based masturbation their intention and purpose, this applies to masturbation as well.

Does Islam permit masturbation? The Alfa further explained that the creator makes room for everything and does not make mistakes.

A Biblical Perspective on Masturbation

So, he has laid down ways through which humans can satisfy this pastor. Anyone pastor goes against this is doing something that is prohibited, even though it is not clearly stated.

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No one masturbation voted for masturbation to struggle made acceptable by any with these religions. As you can see, the Christian and Muslim clerics both agree on the fact masturbation struggle a sin.

5 Biblical Ways to Overcome Masturbation

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