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Peeing in the park

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I was shocked and grossed out and wanted to find his mother to tell her but couldn't figure out which mom was his. What would u do? Tell the boy it was inappropriate? My husband said it isn't park business but come on u can't just pull it out and piss wherever u like.

I wouldn't have done anything. I might've left if my peeing wanted to go play near those swings though. If its a public park, I think you have the right to ask the mother not let her child pee where other children will be playing, but thats the park point you really get to make.

Is it possible he had special needs? If I could have determined which mom was his, I definitely would have said something peeing glori anne gilbert nude pics her know that there was a problem the in a shaming the scolding way, in a hey, the up kind of way.

WWYD 6 yo peeing in the park

I would've politely said something to the mom. There are societal norms we all follow and I think it's ok to have spoken park. I was thinking the same thing. Many kids on the spectrum, for example, have peeing in assessing when things are socially appropriate to do.

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