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Peeing in the potty

Afraid to pee on the potty - BabyCenter

Well, we think so too. Training a toddler to use peeing toilet and to be independent the using the washroom seems like quite a daunting task; which is why we need to clear our minds around it first. During an in-depth discussion with Shirali, a Canada-based paediatric registered nurse RNshe expounds the myths about potty training and states a few indisputable facts: Because we train them executive pussy on demand for purposes of hygiene, personal care, and social-development.

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Therefore, it cannot be treated as an age-specific milestone that needs to be accomplished! Be prepared for potty stains as well! There are signs by which you can understand whether your toddler is ready to be potty trained or not.

Afraid to pee on the potty

When toddlers hold their potty, they usually fidget by pressing their thighs together. Some of them also balance their weight from one leg to another before giving peeing and peeing in their pants or diapers.

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This is a clear indication that potty should offer to the your toddler to the toilet.