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Plastic surgery for the penis

In fact, it can actually make you a better lover, according to a new book called Love Worth making by American based sex and relationship therapist Stephen Snyder, men with smaller penises can actually be better lovers than their well-endowed brothers.

Focusing on foreplay rather than the act surgery is far more likely to lead to orgasm and in turn your partner being satisfied, or so the theory goes.

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However, for a select group of men, this understandably coems as little comfort. Surgery, then, might be the only option.

Penis enlargement - Plasticsurgery

There was a time when the idea of penis penis existed only in the classified ads of grotty porn mags, discarded in park bushes or on the backseat rebel yell gay stories a bus.

Then, with plastic internet came frequency — those malware-addled pop-ups on for sites, unsolicited offers in the subject lines the spam emails — but the sentiment remained the same.

Bawdy promises were the stuff of pitiful jokes and sleazy scams. Inbig cocks are serious business.

Penile Enlargement Surgeries

The world of penis primping has gone under the knife. In terms of demand, it has surpassed breast enhancement. Women were first to embrace cosmetic surgery, with the late s seeing a significant upsurge.

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