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Pooped adult diaper

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Adult Diaper

First time pooping I want to try pooping in my diaper for the first time. I hear lots of people don't like it because of the clean up but it's fun to do. For those of you that tried it and like it, which diaper did you use? I'm having trouble deciding which to use.

MMA fighter who pooped during fight: I could 'totally' do diaper commercials

I've only ever pooped wellness diaper, bambinos, abena m4's and tranquility atn's, so I'd probably go for one of those. Also and tips to make it easier to do would be awesome. You're not going to have trouble with diapers not containing a mess, probably. Solid waste tends to not leak.

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Of course, pooped brand-name diapers bambinos, abena, etc. Magic escorts glasgow first time, I had to diaper it for quite a while warning: I do recommend diaper href="">zapper bdsm thicker one though, as when you're pooping you tend to relax at both ends pooped pee too.

Diaper rash cream is your friend. Apply like sunscreen on any area adult will contact waste for extended periods adult time 'extended' meaning not adult immediately after you go.