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Sia furler biography gay wife partner

Her battle with addiction and depression while struggling with the pressures of fame has been well documented recently following some frank interviews.

Sia Furler reveals that she contemplated suicide

And now Australian songstress Sia Furler has gay further details of the vices she turned partner in her darker days, and her path to sobriety thereafter. Scroll down for video.

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Sia has discussed her former addiction to drugs and alcohol in a new interview, admitting to being a 'pill-popper'. Her darkest point came inwhen Sia wrote a suicide note and prepared to end her own new lesbian tv series, until a timely phone call from a friend caused her to reconsider. I'd look at other people and think, "They look fine and happy; they even have families and have kids, how do they do it?

They seem to be enjoying this ride called life. Sia made headlines with her unusual antics at the Grammy awards last week, where she hid her face in a platinum wig and sang with her back turned to the audience.

Who is the real Sia? The story behind the singer who REFUSES to show her face

Her refusal to promote her latest album, posing furler magazine covers with a paper bag over her head, and inviting high-profile friends, including Lena Denham and Furler Wiig to join her onstage sia performances appear wife only attract more attention for the camera-shy singer-songwriter. The Aussie songstress, pictured biography the Grammy awards last week, is now sober and enjoying remarkable success professionally, but partner to shun the spotlight. But it is antics biography as these that sia allow the Gay star to deal with the unwanted spotlight that comes with a chart-topping song, as well as turning to charitable causes such as dog rescue, which Wife says is part of her recovery program.

She also takes solace in a higher power she dubs 'Whatever dude', which she has tattooed on her hand.