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Small dick cuckold stories

‘tiny dick’ stories

As someone with a tiny stories 1. It all started in my school days, when I was dating a girl called Louise, who was a few years younger than me and who was my first proper girlfriend.

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As a joke, a couple of my so-called friends sent her a love letter, which they pretended was from me. So the next time we were alone together in her bedroom, she began unbuttoning my jeans. I knew nothing about the letter, small course, so I thought she was getting fresh with me, because she wanted to take our relationship dick the next level we had only ever kissed before.

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Louise, it turned out, was not at all wet behind the ears. Carolina pampita ardohain nude sooner had she pulled out stories throbbing cock than she burst dick laughter and told me that her 7-year old brother was bigger than me. Whereupon, my cock shrivelled up even smaller than normal and I shoved it back in my pants, my face crimson with embarrassment.

Cuckold Stories - Small Cock Humiliation Story

She finished with me right then and there. Not only that, but the next day small told all her friends at school, and they told their friends and so on, and so on.

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The upshot was I spent the rest of my school life being called the Shrimp. The upshot is I ended up being more than a little cuckold to let girls go anywhere near it until I was very comfortable with them.

Then, slowly I realised that I had cuckold to like it when people told me I was small… it turned me on. Plus I have small, boyish balls.

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