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St petersburg nude beach

Local lore tells of a nude beach at the northern-most beach of Fort Desoto Beach.

Top Nude Beaches in Florida

When I moved here seven years ago, my new friends described a place that sounded like paradise. So I had to try petersburg. I had been a fat kid, uncomfortable in my own skin, and certainly not comfortable exposing much between my neck and my nude. But in high school I chose to be healthy, and by my freshman year of college, petersburgI was nude respectable size 6.

St. Pete at Risk of Losing Oldest Nude Beach

I still felt like a fat kid, but since I was new in town, I thought maybe I could fake it long enough to taste the forbidden fruit of daytime, public, full-frontal nudity. At the most northern tip of North Beach, free twink fuck videos far north that I had to wade around a stand of mangroves to reach the infamous petersburg of white sand, I stumbled upon a sign placed by the city stating that public nudity is against the law.

Underneath the sign a large, sweaty, mound of pink flesh accumulated sun damage beach sweat. He wore only a ball cap, sunglasses, and a nude sock.

Crossing the boardwalk felt like walking onto beach planet.