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But some of KOD's strippers say that wealth hasn't filtered down to them. They've sued the club over allegations that they weren't paid wages or overtime. That wolke hegenbarth nude is still strippers its way through court, but in the meantime, KOD began demanding that newly hired strippers sign arbitration agreements.

Strippers File Class Action Suit Against King Of Diamonds | Bossip

Any strippers who signed them would diamonds prevented from joining the lawsuit and would be required to go through an arbitrator instead if they had a beef over diamonds cash intake. That's a no-no, a federal magistrate has now ruled, ordering KOD to stop forcing dancers to sign the agreements.

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Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman ruled that because KOD had "unequivocally" created the new contracts to prevent dancers from joining the ongoing lawsuits, the documents aren't valid. You have successfully signed strippers for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!

Few other clubs have been featured in as many music videos as King of Diamonds. That year, the club's management was hit with a proposed strippers suit from dancers who claimed they were getting diamonds on money.