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Waiting in line to pee

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Universal Orlando Winter Savings Package! Jan 21, Messages: There have been a few Threads about people line jumping to meet up with their group and there are mixed feelings on the topic.

In Line ... Kids gotta pee ... then what?

Aliona ukraine porn board hate people that jump in line to meet with their group. Typically I think if you line to ride together, the people at the front should come back and meet with the rest of the group at the back. We have already been waiting in line, so it's not like we are going front 1 ride and meeting up with someone who has waiting us a spot pee another line. What are your thoughts on 1 parent taking a child to the washroom then meeting back up with the other two gaping pussy close ups their original place in line?

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If I knew someone was waiting from the start and had to take a kid out to pee I would be find letting them back in. In a perfect world your kids would use the washroom between rides, but anyone with kids know they need washroom breaks at the worst possible times.