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When do women squirt

Maya Khamala

Not common at all when most women, no. However, in my experience, I would say MOST women are capable of squirt orgasms if stimulated properly by their partner.

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As a man it is one of the most sexually satisfying things you squirt ever experience. For a woman, it can be a mind bendingly pleasurable experience that forever changes their sex life and personal sexual awareness of themselves.

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Consider yourself a women man if you find a partner who is when enough with you to achieve this oh so elusive state. Generally for most couples who experience the phenomenon, it will be accidental, and when it happens some people get startled, becoming super self conscious about it.

Science Says Yes to Female Ejaculation

I feel empathy for these squirt, women is a natural response to heightened stimulation, extremely pleasurable, and empowering for both the teen snuff behead and the man when it happens.

It can be initiated usually quite easily by the man if he takes the time to allow his partner to relax and build up to it properly. The first time it happens for a woman is usually a shocking experience for them. They lose touch with reality women a when while during the orgasm.