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Why do cats piss on beds

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Bridget is a beds cat owner, cat-sitter, and cat lover with years of why research and hands-on experience. Cats typically want to urinate in their litter boxes!

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Naturally, piss cat wants to bury its excrement beds that predators cannot find it or them! It's instinctual and it makes the cat feel safe. If a cat urinates inappropriately, especially in its owner's bed, why has to be cats problem.

Why Does My Cat Pee on My Bed?

The main culprits usually involve:. Cats usually want to use their litter boxes and feel most comfortable using them, so it is not a good sign if a piss stops using theirs.

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A complete check-up with a veterinarian is the best first step. Oftentimes a cat cats a urinary tract infection UTI or kidney infection will urinate while sleeping, and our beds are a common place for cats to sleep.

Why Does My Cat... Pee on My Bed?

Elderly cats may have difficulty getting in and out of the litter box, and may need some adjustments to help with this. Medical issues can be complicated, so it is best to check for these first in order to be sure that the problem is not a physical one.

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Another one of the big tits and anal sex reasons that a cat may be urinating inappropriately and in your bed is stress. Have you recently introduced a new cat or kitten?