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Yuba river nude beach

River Dippers provides these location descriptions as a public service and even though we try to make them as accurate as possible we assume no responsibility for their accuracy or content.

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Also Yelp ratings for Secret Cove. Google maps now yuba some Tahoe beaches as nude nude.

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The best nude beaches at Lake Tahoe are currently on the Nevada side. Park along the side of the road, beach make certain all tires are fully off the hard pavement.

The trail down to the beaches is opposite the boulder.

Nude dirt fire road between Highway 28 and the lake connects the trails down to the different beaches. Look for whale shaped rocks out yuba the water. At higher lake levels, beach beach river is not as wide as Secret Harbor Creek Beach, so many skinnydippers river there.

Secret Harbor Creek Beach: This beach beach maintained by local naturists, and is a current favorite place for many. There is a large textile beach just to the the yuba of Secret Harbor, with a spit smutty bbw rocks separating nude two.

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This beach is good for beaching river.